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And heeeeeeere's Yvonne
Thursday, January 03, 2002  
where is the next batch of money coming from?
date friday night - a nice distraction
it's been a long long time since I've had physical contact
with a male - you know the male species
there's chemistry on the phone, will there be chemistry in person
or will there be nothing but boredom, disappointment and bad breath?
lordy lordy I'm over forty
so what
at least I have a day or two of looking forward to meeting a man
thoughts racing through my head
feelings throughout my body
new cat in the home
seeing my vet whom I'm in love with tonight
we need distractions from reality don't we
I've been told God is in charge
so I don't have to worry so much
let go let God
o.k. I will
something I don't do too well
but a male distraction certainly helps.
have a nice day

5:09 AM

Monday, December 31, 2001  
looking for a job
just had first cup of java
what am I going to do?
what does HP have in store
taking actions letting go of the results
la dee da dee da
not worried today
that's a good thing
3 cats in the house
I said I have 3 cats in the house
can't I just stay home and play with them?

6:02 AM

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