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Tuesday, January 08, 2002  
I've begun, reintroduced my spiritual practice...
I'm writing for 20 minutes to God, to my spirit
hmmmmmmmmmmmmm, it's 6:22 am and tonight
I have a date with a man I haven't met in person, but
have spoken to on the phone and thru emails...
I am VERY attracted to him thus far...
I do not want to be, stay in a fantasy wishing for things
that I don't know if they could possibly be until I at least meet
him in person...
I have spoke to God, asked him for what I would like to have happen
not all in one night, but you know God, soon, this guy would be nice
I hate dating, but I must say I have learned a great deal so far just talking
to this fellow of 4 years younger age then myself (which is always a turnon
in itself)...
There are things about him that would make me think this could work
and other things that make me think it couldn't
Long term?
Short term?
Just sex?
Love and sex?
thinking thinking thinking thinking
too much thinking
that's why I turn to God
to keep me serene no matter what happens
However I am very excited and I am hoping for the best
result better then I can even imagine...
that's unusual for me, because I am a big skeptic
VERY cynical entity
I will look HOT, gorgeous for me,
I will do my best to maintain who I am
lighten up, when necessary,
be serious when I need to be as well
I choose to constantly check within and try
my best to not overreact and "go to far to fast"
of course if there is no chemistry in person
(which wouldn't be the first time) then the answer
will be clear...I will have a nice night of it and leave
shortly after...just coffee...that's it...
maybe be sad, or bummed, but ultiimately will
have learned something new...of course I want more
then that, I want the whole kit and caboodle (where the
hell did that term come from) and I am admitting it out
loud, but if it is not the time yet, if this is not the person
for that great collaboration I truly long for, I trust (not always
happily) my higher power, my spirit to take care of me tonight
as he/she always has with all my relationships and dates thus far.
I only hope that tomorrow morning when I write that I can be this
grateful, open and accepting of whatever happens tonight...

stay tuned and God thank you...

(A new blog will be coming called LOVE BOAT)


3:33 AM

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